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Defense: 25 new ultra-sophisticated F16s for Morocco

The US Department of Defense approves the sale of 25 F16 type V in Morocco, announces a document on Monday, March 25th. These new fighter jets will be equipped with 5th generation radars. The US Department also announced that the US Congress has agreed to modernize the current fleet of F16 available to Morocco, to be at the same level as the new ones.

Morocco currently has 23 F16. Eventually, the Kingdom will have 48 F16, block 72, type V, equipped with 5th generation radars.

According to the US Department of Defense, Morocco will also buy other military equipment. It is:

– 29 Pratt & Whitney F100-220E engines (with 4 spare parts);

– 26 active electronic scanning network (AESA) APG-83 radars (including spare);

– 26 modular mission computers (including a spare one);

– 26 Link-16 – JTRS (MIDS-JTRS) multifunction information distribution systems with TACAN and ESHI terminals (with spare disk);

– 26 Global Integrated Navigation Systems (EGI) LN260;

– 40 common helmet mounted tracking systems (JHMCS) (with 5 spare parts). These helmets will be generalized to all Moroccan F16 pilots. They serve to guide short-range missiles by the mere movement of the pilot’s gaze.

– 26 enhanced Programmable Display Generators (iPDGs) (including a spare);

– 30 guns M61 Al Vulcan 20 mm (with 5 spare parts);

– 50 multi-purpose launchers LAU-129;

– 40 AIM-120C-7 Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM);

– 40 guide sections AIM-120C-7;

– 3 JDAM GBU-38/54 kits;

– 50 groups of air sheet MXU-650, GBU-49;

– 50 MAU-210 Enhanced Computer Control Group (GCC), GBU-49, -50;

– 36 rockets FMU-139 D / B;

– 6 inactive rockets FMU-139 D / B (D-1);

– 2 GTV GBU-39 (T-1);

– 60 small diameter bombs GBU-39 / B (SDB I);

– 10 computer control groups MAU-169L / B, GBU-10, -12, -16;

– 10 groups of air sheet MXU-650C / B, GBU-12;

– 12 bombs MK82, inert filled;

– 4 BLU-109 training bombs;

– MAU-169 GCC (D-2);

– 26 Sniper AN / AAQ-33 boats.

Also included in this contract: 26 management systems of the GE AN / ALQ-213; 26 advanced friend / foe identification; Secure communications, precision cryptographic navigation equipment; a joint mission planning system; 26 AN / ALQ-211 AIDEWS; 6 advanced DB-110 recognition systems; communication equipment; support equipment …. The contract also covers staff training.

Thus, technologically speaking, Morocco will have the most modernized fleet, at the regional and continental levels and even compared to Spain.

The purchase cost of the 25 F16 type V and this armament package is estimated at 3.778 billion dollars. The cost of modernizing the 23 Moroccan F16s is estimated at $ 985.2 million.

According to the US Department of Defense, individual contracts with each supplier (Lockheed Corporation, Bethesda, Maryland) will be published thereafter.

“This sale will contribute to US foreign policy and national security by helping to enhance the security of a major non-NATO ally, which continues to be an important force for political stability and progress. in North Africa,” says the US Department of Defense document.

Moreover, it is the first time that the United States officially confirms, through these documents, the participation of Morocco in the fight against Da’ech, Iraq and Syria.

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