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“Depearture of Benatia” push Juventus stars out of their silence

Some of the stars of Juventus were impressed by the departure of their Moroccan colleague, Mehdi Benatia, to the Qatari Al-Duhil before the closing of the winter Mirkato, including German Emre Can, who chanted: “My brother Benatia! I wish the best for you and your family in the future! Juventus.”

Benatia has strong ties with some of Juventus’s players, led by former French Premiership players, Miralem Pjanic and Blaise Matuidi, who have talked together about Benatia transfert to Qatar.

Pjanic said on Instagram: “My brother, I wish you the best and your family in the new phase of your life … You became a real brother for me over time … we will miss you,” Benatia replied, “Brother, I missed you now. Look for all the titles you deserve, I hope to see you soon.”

While Matuidi told him in his page: “When we were in Clairefontaine, it was our dream to become professional, and we are now lucky to achieve this dream and win titles together,” Benatia replied,” My brother, we can be proud of the way that we are. After the World Cup, go look for the Champions League, you are in the perfect club to do it … “.

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