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Digital: Morocco in force at Vivatech Paris

The future will be on-line and digital. In a world where more than 80% of travel, hotel and other bookings are made via the internet, and the number of smartphones in Africa is growing exponentially, Morocco needs to position itself. The challenge is to “update”, support the rapid development of artificial intelligence, prepare for a changing world, and create new jobs.

It is in this perspective that the Kingdom participates, since May 15, at the Afrobytes Tech Conference and Salon VivaTechnology of Paris (France). The event that continues until May 18 has a strong Moroccan participation. Appointed by the Digital Development Agency (ADD), the managers of 16 Moroccan startups with high potential made the trip. They sharpen their weapons and extol the intelligence of an emerging sector.

Promote digital tools, a priority

This is the first media release for Sidi Mohammed Drissi Melyani, new director of the ADD. This establishment, under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and the Digital Economy, is responsible for implementing the State’s digital development strategy and promoting digital tools and developing their use with the administration, businesses and citizens. “Our agency supports the various actors and stakeholders in the digital transformation of our country by adopting a participatory, realistic and integrated approach,” says Melyani.

Before the participants at the Afrobytes Tech Conference, the latter presented the experience of Morocco and the determination of the country to support and promote the fabric of innovative startups by significantly improving the environment conducive to their development. And this, in order to strengthen their competitiveness and ensure their influence on a regional, continental and international scale. As such, “the ADD wants to converge initiatives aimed at the emergence of an inclusive digital economy, for sustainable economic and social development,” he added.

“Made in Morocco” video games

Remember his name “Altplay Studio”. It is the startup that makes video games “made in Morocco”. Represented by Mark Yassine, Altplay Studio is a game development startup founded by professionals in the video game industry with over 9 years of experience within companies such as Ubisoft. “Our startup creates a rewarding gaming experience for global players interested in game concepts. It defends many values ​​such as creativity, sharing, teamwork, passion, innovation and fun,” summarizes his representative.

Imagine and create any form of product

For his part, Ashraf Lemnini, who speaks on behalf of Ashnoo-share Technologies, refers to “a hologram to revolutionize retail”. In fact, in this sector, studies have demonstrated the influence of digital experiences and interactions on the way customers spend. Also, 70% of purchase decisions are made at the department level. Ashnoo.com (Ashnoo-Share Technologies) is in this context the world’s first holographic off-the-shelf advertising platform. An integrated hologram connected to a cloud platform allows the advertiser to upload videos, target an audience, and get insights into views and time spent on the ad. “Our startup has imagined and created this hologram (hardware) that can take any form depending on the product, go out of itself by staying connected to the internet via wifi and 4G while presenting a simplicity in the implementation without the requisite technical knowledge,” explains Lemnini. This has earned the trust of major international companies like Procter & Gamble and aims to further develop its business in Morocco and the Middle East in the coming months.

Develop solutions for industry 4.0

Hafid Griguer, from the company “PilliotY”, has put forward the development of industrial solutions and the creation of clean products (Deep-Tech) with a strong electronic, mechatronic and digital dominance. A global industrial vision, a portfolio of technological bricks and a team of expert engineers have enabled PilliotY to confirm its position as technological partner of several renowned industrial groups. “Thanks to a solid multidisciplinary experience, our company offers an innovative development methodology based on agility and focused on a perfect understanding of the customer’s need in terms of time, cost and performance”, explains the young manager. His startup ensures all stages of project management and product cycle, from design to mass production, through the phases of R&D, validation & testing, certification and integration. The company targets sectors with strong development potential such as Industry 4.0 (smart factory), smart cities, energy and clean green technology. It offers innovative solutions based on a multidisciplinary technological know-how such as: embedded systems, mechatronics, IIOT, artificial intelligence, edge computing, augmented reality, privacy by design.

Technology for sustainable agriculture in Africa

In Paris, there are also those who advocate sustainable agriculture in Africa thanks to new technologies. Among them are Hamza Bendahou and Hamza Rkha Chaham of “Sowit”. This startup is the fruit of the reflection of two young Moroccans, passionate about agricultural issues in Africa. Aware of the major backwardness of agriculture on the continent, they decided to create a company that puts technology at the service of African agricultural development. Sowit’s current ambition is to help the African farmer to better understand his crops to adjust his decision-making in the most strategic moments and maximize his yields.

The African farmer is, on average, three times less productive than his Asian counterpart, notably because of a lack of information. In this sense, the company provides farmers with two types of decision support tools. More concretely, it is a question of tools of decision support generic and of value informative: weather, market price according to the cultures, anticipated tendency and tools of decision-making personalized according to the location of the fields, the type of crop, the technical itinerary and the objectives of the farmer: advice for fertilization, irrigation … The aim is to make these tools accessible to all producers, whatever their size. Developing sustainable agriculture means being able to improve the agricultural system to meet the needs of the current population, but also in anticipation of the needs of the future population. In this sense, Sowit takes into account the need for sustainability for the African Green Revolution, both ecological and economic sustainability, if we want to enable the continent to develop sustainably and meet the growing needs of the African and global populations.

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