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Digital Tourism: Marrakesh at the forefront

The world is changing and so is tourism. Indeed, it is no longer possible for tourism professionals in Morocco to consider an efficient commercial policy without a digital communication strategy, explains Taoufik Madih, president of the Regional Association of travel agencies of Marrakesh/Safi (ARAVMS).

And it is to make an inventory and dissect all the issues related to the digital transformation in the tourism sector that ARAVMS organizes, February 13, the Marrakesh Digital Day (MDD) for its first edition. An audience of experts including the president of the Moroccan Digital Foundation, Abderrahim Hansali, Taoufik Aboudia, one of the key players in the regional digital scene.

“In addition to conferences, workshops are organized to meet professionals and thus move from theory to practice. The main objective is to provide answers and solutions to the problems of the companies concerned,” said Fouad Hosni, Vice President and Head of Marketing and Communication Commission of ARAVMS.

For this first edition of MDD, training that will familiarize you with techniques to develop a web 2.0 strategy, market online, manage its e-reputation … It is also planned round tables around topics related to digitization, and the meeting of experts and opinion leaders and a conference with a great witness, a tourism professional.

It must be said that in the digital domain, the destination Morocco is very late while some professions have suffered the full force of the online sales revolution and have seen their business shrink as a trickle. In Marrakesh, the first to have sounded the alarm and reacted with a digital transformation are the tour operators and their association. And for good reason, they are also the first to be confronted to the giants of online sales, such as travel sales websites (booking.com, expedia.com).

And under the influence of new consumer expectations and technological progress, the tourism sector will continue to transform and needs technology but also specialists for the digitalization of businesses, applications of big data for a better knowledge of customers, artificial intelligence and virtual assistance.

“Well managed, this revolution will allow us to earn points at the destination and create new jobs,” insists Madih. On the institutional side, it was not until 2019 that the ONMT took a serious look at digital. Note that the National Confederation of Tourism has also included this component at the heart of its strategy, said Fouzi Zemrani, vice president of the CNT.

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