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Discovery near Boujdour of an international cocaine traffickers’ base

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), under the Directorate General of Territorial Surveillance, announced to have located a farm in the vicinity of Boujdour, suspected to serve as a back base to facilitate storage operations and cocaine trafficking.

The farm was located following the interrogation of one of the Colombian nationals implicated in this criminal network, said the BCIJ in a statement, stating that the search operation saw the seizure of equipment and materials related to international cocaine trafficking routes.

It consists of three tonnes and 100 liters of aviation fuels (kerosene), three large fuel pumps, two engines, five electric generators, spare parts for pumps, electric cables and 46 containers comprising 2,700 liters of fuel in addition to mechanical equipment, the source is specified.

The research and investigations carried out showed that the mis en cause had attended training sessions in aviation, and that he entered illegally in Morocco to participate in the establishment of a clandestine landing strip in the airfields around Dakhla, to ensure the take-off and landing of the planes that the criminal network planned to use in cocaine smuggling operations from Latin America to Europe, transiting through Morocco, reported the press release.

The BCIJ continues its search operations in the vicinity of Dakhla, in coordination with the territorially competent security services, in order to detect and locate the runways that the members of this criminal network wanted to take as the runway of the aircraft used in the traffic.

The statement recalls that the BCIJ organized Crime Squad last weekend seized 1 ton and 4 kilograms of cocaine and arrested 17 individuals for alleged links to a transnational criminal network active in international cocaine trafficking, including two Spaniards and three Colombians.

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