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Doctors against Doukali, paralyzing hospitals next week

In recent months, doctors in the public sector have intensified their protests through various forms, including the wearing of black insignia, limited strikes and regional stops. The owners of the “white suit” are holding a new protest march from 10 to 16 December, declaring to refrain from giving evidence of driving licenses and granting all kinds of medical evidence.

The Independent Syndicate of Public Sector Doctors announced that it will spend a week of mourning wearing the black suit from 17 to 23 December. It will be marked by a national strike for 45 hours on Friday, 28 December and Monday, 31 December 2018, with the exception of rehabilitation and rejuvenation sections. Within the health institutions beginning with surgical vehicles with the exception of urgent cases only.

The new escalation of doctors will also include the collection of other collective resignations by the regional health directorates, inviting physicians who have been subjected to wage cuts to individual inquiries and immediate contact with the local and regional offices of the independent syndicate to file court proceedings against deductions.

Moroccan doctors justify their escalatory step as “the continuation of the causes and motives of protest and the inability of the government to interact with the causes of the migration of doctors, the reasons for the resignation of doctors and the reasons for the prosecution of doctors and the reasons of loss of confidence in the health system”.

“The medical body expects the Ministry of the Will, through which the Moroccan government, to deal positively, practically and responsibly with the points of the logistical file, first and foremost to authorize the full number of compensations 509 and to seek radical solutions to the catastrophic situation, For health institutions”.

The Moroccan doctors pointed out that “the government, after silent about our demands to choose the escalation, took the step of unfair and random deduction of doctors’ salaries in a kind of pouring oil on fire, striking the symptoms of the heart attack, which is close, and ignoring the logic of good in the management of social crises, Which we consider to be a violation of the use of governmental authority”.

The head of the Moroccan doctors says that the cuts were in large amounts, coinciding with the state of depression of the collective career of doctors to the worst stages, which raises the question about the intention of this step.

The union expressed its condemnation of “these illegal deductions”, stressing that “these punitive cuts will not break the struggle of doctors; the doctors’ belief in the justice of their demands is matched only by their determination to continue the struggle, despite all the sacrifices it requires”, declaring that “The school health campaign will interrupt the absence of minimum medical and administrative standards, interrupt medical anatomy and continue field research on doctors’ desire for mass migration”.

She also announced that she would write “the government on the administrative and practical procedures for launching a strike of vital and urgent interests, so that it can take the necessary measures, in its responsibility to the health of Moroccans and to hold them responsible for future situations”.

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