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Documentary: Michael Jackson accused of pedophilia

The heirs of Michael Jackson described as “outrageous and pathetic” a new documentary in which the deceased singer is accused of assaulting two children.

“Leaving Neverland”, presented at the end of the month at the Sundance Film Festival, tells the story of two 30 year olds claiming to have been sexually abused by the “King of Pop” when they were 7 and 10 years old.

“Here’s another extravagant job, a scandalous and pathetic attempt to exploit Michael Jackson and take advantage of him,” condemned the singer’s heirs in a statement from various American media.

“Old unfounded accusations”

This “claimed” documentary is “just a reissue of old, unjustified accusations.” It would be surprising if a real director who was worthy of the name was involved in such a project, “continues the text.

The documentary, which derives its name from the phantasmagoric farm of the artist in California, was directed by Dan Reed. The latter has already signed several documentaries, including one dedicated to the deadly attacks on Charlie Hebdo’s editors in Paris in 2015.

Producers of “Leaving Neverland” confirmed to specialized magazine Rolling Stone that the two men accusing Michael Jackson are the choreographer Wade Robson, who filed a lawsuit against the late singer in 2013, and James Safechuck, who had summoned the heirs of Michael Jackson. Both procedures were rejected in 2017.

Sleep with little boys

Dan Reed assures, however, that he takes these accusations seriously. “If there is something we have learned, it is that sexual abuse is complex and the voices of victims must be heard,” he said in a statement. “It took a lot of courage for these two men to tell their story, and I do not doubt their credibility.”

Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose on June 25, 2009. The singer, who had said in a documentary that he would like to sleep – in all innocence according to him – with little boys, has repeatedly been accused of pedophile acts.

In 1993, a 13-year-old boy complained about touching. The case was amicably arranged for $ 15 million. In 2005 Michael Jackson was tried for abuse of another minor, but was acquitted.

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