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Doing Business 2019: Morocco ranks 60th

Achieving an impressive 9-place jump in the Doing Business 2019 rankings, Morocco, with its 60th position out of the 190 countries covered by this report, continues its steady march towards emergence while confirming the effectiveness of the reforms undertaken during in recent years.

In the 2019 edition of this benchmark conducted each year by the World Bank, Morocco obtained a score of 71.02 out of 100, gleaning from year to year the 1/3 of the way leading to a better global performance.

Witness of this spectacular flight, the places occupied by the Kingdom at the regional level. Morocco is now ranked 2nd in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region while maintaining its third position on the continental scale, ahead only by the Mauritius and Rwanda and far ahead of Algeria (157th place).

Among the indicators where Morocco has made remarkable progress, that of the connection to electricity. The Kingdom gained 13 positions from 72nd to 59th worldwide.

The same is true for the “Payment of taxes” indicator, which saw Morocco stay in 25th place worldwide after a series of improvements since the 2010 edition of the report which made it possible to make a substantial jump of 100 places. This reflects the efforts made in this area in recent years.

Over the period 2011-2018, Morocco has implemented various reforms to facilitate the procedures for the payment of taxes to businesses, including the gradual introduction of telecommunication and tele-payment systems and VAT, as well as the DAMANCOM e-registration and e-payment system for online registration and payment of contributions to the CNSS.

These efforts have allowed the Kingdom to place far ahead of the big names like France (55th) and Spain (34th), thanks to an impressive score of 85.72 out of 100.

Another good performance, that achieved by the Kingdom in the granting of building permits where the country ranks 18th in the world thanks to the reforms initiated since 2013 through the implementation of a set of procedures, via the Comprehensive and thorough reform of the system for issuing planning permission following the adoption in 2013 of the new General Construction Regulation setting out the form and conditions for issuing building permits.

Regarding the indicator “Execution of contracts”, Morocco recorded an overall increase of 40 places over the period 2010-2019, thanks to a series of reforms.

With these results, Morocco is making great strides towards achieving the goal set in the government’s program to integrate the top 50 of the world’s best economies in the area of ​​improving the business climate by 2021, said the department of the head of government at the publication of the draft 2019 Doing Business.

A multiannual action plan has been drawn up in this context with a view to further improving the business climate through the simplification and dematerialization of a number of administrative procedures concerning businesses, within the framework of the “National Committee for the Environment of the Business “(CNEA), chaired by the head of government.

The CNEA recently indicated in its activity report 2017-2018 that its secretariat intends to present, in 2019, further reforms to the Doing Business team, including those relating to the automation of commercial courts and the facilitation of contract enforcement procedures.

These various reforms will enable Morocco to improve its ranking at the level of several indicators and consequently in the overall Doing Business ranking, the report says. It notes that the reform of the securities security system, which is a priority area in the work of the CNEA, once adopted and published in the Official Bulletin, accompanied by the effective establishment of a national register of collateral, will have a systematic impact on the ranking of Morocco in the indicator “Obtaining loans” in the next editions of the Doing Business report.

In the wake of this dynamic, members of the House of Representatives recently passed Bill 88.17 on the creation and support of businesses electronically, after the amendment of Articles 2, 5 and 12 to the House of Councilors.

This project aims to simplify procedures and shorten the time needed to create companies, in order to stimulate domestic and foreign investment, generate employment opportunities and improve the business climate. It will have a positive impact on the ranking of the Kingdom in the index of Doing Business through the revision of the laws governing the creation of companies, including the first chapter of the Commercial Code and the law establishing the Moroccan Office of the industrial and commercial property (OMPIC).

This bill is in line with the High Royal Guidelines, as set out in the Royal Speech on the occasion of the Throne Day, this year: the Sovereign had insisted on “the need for an update business support programs, especially those aimed at facilitating their access to finance, increasing their productivity, as well as training and upgrading their human resources”.

Strengthened by its economic achievements, and above all by its determination to overcome challenges, the Kingdom continues year by year to improve its economic and social indicators with a view to greater prosperity and progress for its citizens.

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