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Drone delivery soon possible in Morocco

The era of technology is once again taking us to a novelty soon to be available in Morocco thanks to the association between the African giant Jumia Technologies and the American startup specializing in drone delivery, Zipline.

The leading e-commerce platform in Africa recently announced the launch of a new service including drone deliveries in several African countries belonging to the Jumia distribution network, which consists of 30 warehouses and more than 3,000 collection points. in 11 countries.

This very first experience in Africa will be possible through its new partnership with Zipline, the American delivery company that designs, manufactures and operates delivery drones.

The startup, founded in 2014, currently offers its services in Rwanda, Ghana, Japan and the United States and will continue its expansion in Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries, including Morocco.

These remotely piloted aircraft will allow Jumia customers to benefit from faster order delivery, with unlimited accessibility, and above all represent a greener solution.

“This system is designed to allow all consumers from the most urban to the most remote to access the products they need in 45 minutes or less, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 98% compared to the delivery by car,” Zipline said in a press release.

Apoorva Kumar, Executive Vice President of Jumia, for his part, underlined that “Using the latest instant logistics technology will enable Jumia to offer our consumers on-demand delivery of the products they need instantly”, he thus adds that “ this will support Jumia’s commitment to sustainability and innovation and provide much needed access to rural and remote areas where conventional delivery services have challenges ”.

However, the first tests were launched earlier at Zipline’s operations center in Omenuko, Ghana, where several participants were able to witness live the operation of the service by drone whose distance traveled can reach up to 2,500 km.

The new automated delivery system will be operated initially in Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire before starting the continuity of the project in Morocco, Egypt, South Africa and other countries in Africa.

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