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Drought in Morocco cuts wheat production in half

Moroccan Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Sadiki told his country’s deputies recently that Morocco expected to lose 53% of its grain harvest this year. This, after the country suffered its worst drought in decades. A situation that pushes this North African country to increase its imports to meet local needs.

The cereal harvest is seriously compromised this season in Morocco due to severe drought. The loss is estimated at more than half of the harvest, whereas last year it reached a record 10.3 million tonnes.

Moroccans have sown 3.5 million hectares of cereals this year. The loss rate corresponds to 1.6 million hectares. Only 21% of the cereal crop is in good condition, according to the Minister of Agriculture.

To enable the agricultural sector to cope with this crisis, the executive has launched an exceptional program amounting to 10 billion dirhams (about 1 billion euros) to support rural areas and help farmers.

Morocco has also announced its intention to create a strategic stock of basic products to ensure “food sovereignty”. According to the authorities, this stock should include: cereals, sugar and table oils, but also seeds and pesticides.

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