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DSV opens a line between Spain and Morocco for the transport of goods

The Spanish subsidiary of the Danish multinational DSV has just launched a new line for the transport of goods by land between Spain and Morocco. It aims to facilitate the import and export operations of goods from the industrial sector.

By launching this new line, DSV Road Spain responds to the growing demand from customers for freight transport and logistics services and to the growing need of Spanish companies to establish commercial links with Morocco and all of North Africa.

The Spanish subsidiary of DSV has 13 facilities and a local fleet for the full truckload department of over 400 trucks and employs over 400 people. In 2020, the subsidiary achieved a turnover of more than 135 million euros.

Within the framework of this new line, goods will be conveyed every Friday from the distribution centers of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and Molins de Rei (Barcelona), to the city of Casablanca within 48 hours. The new service offers coverage throughout Morocco and the DSV has for this purpose two warehouses ADT (Temporary Warehouse) in Casablanca and Tangier, for the storage of goods not shipped or awaiting transport.

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