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E-mtiaz (e-gouvernment): The Ministy of Justice wins the trophy

On Wednesday, the Minister of Justice, Mohamed Oujar, accompanied by the Director of Studies, Cooperation and Modernization and three of the Directorate’s engineers, received an award for excellence in the electronic procedural services category in 2018.

This award comes as a result of the commercial registration service, which was accomplished by internal competencies of the Ministry, which serves as a model for a set of information systems, applications and services prepared by the Ministry or is in the process of being prepared. It is part of a strategic plan for the digital transformation of all components of justice, without paper and effective justice, efficient and accessible.

It is worth mentioning that the commercial registration service across the line enables all economic actors, merchants, contractors, financial institutions and others, to obtain the commercial register’s data through the line electronically signed with the performance of fees across the line, which makes it fast, secure and transparent service without the hassle of movement and waiting.

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