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Economic, Social and Environmental Council renews its staff

The new team of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) is being set up. The institution headed by Ahmed Reda Chami has renewed its authority for the year 2019. Thus, Tarik Aguizoul is the new representative of the category of experts, Mohamed Benjouida, representing the category of unions and Abdelkrim Foutat, that of organizations and associations professional. The office is also composed of Karima Mkika (organizations and associations working in the fields of social economy and associative activity), and Lotfi Boujandar (es-quality members).

The EESC has also appointed the chairs of the 7 standing committees. They are Larbi Belarbi (Economic Affairs and Strategic Projects Committee), Najat Simou (Employment and Labor Relations), Zahra Zaoui (Social Affairs and Solidarity), Khalil Bensami (Environment and Sustainable Development), Amine Mounir Alaoui (knowledge and information society), Lahcen Oulhaj (social and environmental economic situation) and Abderrahim Ksiri (advanced regionalization and rural and territorial development). The standing committees also elected their rapporteurs. They are Latifa Benwakrim, Mohamed Mostaghfir, Mohamed Dahmani, Noureddine Shahbouni, Mustapha Khlafa, Hakima Naji and Driss Belfadla respectively.

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