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Education sector Unions refuse Ministry of Education Reform

The five most representative unions in the education sector have announced their refusal to the contractual teachers’ situation reform proposed by the ministry of education.

The unions reiterated that the only solution to end the ongoing contractual teachers’ protests is by their integration into public sector employment.

The declarations come a day after the ministry announced a reform stating that contractual teachers will benefit from health care, pensions fund, early retirement in case of a permanent sickness, and the right to promotions to posts with greater responsibilities.

The unions have issued a joint statement in which they stick to their demand to have contractual teachers integrated into the public sector.

They also called on the government to open a real dialogue that will result in the integration of the contractors into the regular program of the ministry of education employees alike their colleagues, the permanent teachers.

The statement added that the unions are aware of the sensitivity of the phase that the sector is experiencing and accuses the government of procrastinating regarding opening a dialogue with the contractual teachers.

The unions believe the government proposed reform does not change the contractors’ situation as it keeps them hired within the regional academies and not among the regular employees of the ministry of education.

On the instructions of the head of government, the minister of education, vocational training, and higher education, Said Amzazi, announced the reform during a meeting with the five most representative unions in the education sector.

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