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El Othmani: Launch of medical coverage for traders

The government is working to launch medical coverage for traders and professionals, in a participatory approach with all sectors concerned, said Friday in Rabat, the head of government, Saâd Eddine El Othmani, noting that benefiting this category of medical coverage and retirement is a strategic goal for the executive.

In a speech on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the National Union of Traders and Professionals (SNCP) under the sign “strong presence and continuing struggle”, El Othmani noted that the government has promulgated the general decrees relating to this procedure, underlining that the setting up of this system requires consultations with the categories concerned and the authorities supervising the merchants and the professionals, in order to define the methods of application of the medical coverage.

For her part, Rkia Derham, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, said the trade sector is a pillar of the national economy, contributing to the creation of an estimated 84.3 billion dirhams, or nearly 8% of the gross domestic product, and the employment of 1.49 million Moroccans, or nearly 13.8% of the working population of the Kingdom.
The development of this sector is of cardinal importance because of the rapid changes in trade both internationally and nationally, particularly with the changes in consumption patterns among citizens, who now place a great deal of interest in the quality and modes of consumption. payment and hospitality in choosing their stores, did observed Rkia Derham.

Aware of the socio-economic role played by the trader in favor of the consumer, the ministry intends to put in place a new roadmap aimed at giving a new dynamic to the sector by boosting its performance and restructuring, added the Secretary of State, emphasizing the role of the SNCP as a key partner in developing strategies and programs to promote the sector and the social conditions of its professionals.

For his part, SNCP President Nabil Ennouri emphasized that traders and professionals have always played social, economic and national roles in spite of the great challenges they faced in the face of globalization at the opening on foreign products.

Nabil Ennouri called for more efforts to develop the sector and allow traders and professionals to enjoy their rights, particularly in terms of social security and tax justice.

This event, which was attended by many government officials, party leaders, and trade unionists, was marked by a tribute to the founders of the SNCP.

The SNCP, which is an independent organization founded in 1978, intends to supervise, organize and train its members and defend their financial, economic and social rights and claims.

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