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Engie wants to strengthen its action in Morocco

The Engie group wants to support its customers in the production of their own electricity and support the state and local authorities to install sustainable energy solutions.

The group has been active in Morocco since the 1980s. Its activities consist mainly of electricity generation, electric mobility and the supply of energy services.

Today, the group has brought together all its subsidiaries in Morocco in a single entity “Engie Services Morocco”. This union should help to better meet the challenges of the Moroccan energy model and build a new energy transition offer.

Philippe Miquel, CEO of Engie Services Maroc, presented the group’s ambitions at a press conference held in Casablanca. By launching the “as a service” program, the group wants to help adapt the electricity sector to the Kingdom’s climate objectives.

More specifically, it is for the group to offer the state, local authorities and businesses efficient and sustainable energy solutions, ranging from financing to installation and operationalization. Discussions are currently underway between the group and 7 communes to provide them with enlightened cities.

“The illuminated city concept means an efficient lighting guarantee that is sustainable over the long term. Local authorities no longer have to call for tenders to buy street lamps. Nowadays, we have to look for more efficiency and demand from suppliers an enlightened city for a period of 10 or 15 years,” explained Philippe Miquel.

Reverse energy production

Climate issues have brought about an upheaval in the energy paradigm. Today, the world is moving towards replacing fossil fuels with cleaner energies. For Philippe Miquel, this evolution is accompanied by a change of profession for Engie:

“Before, our job was to design centralized plants and supply customers’ networks. Today, more and more customers are feeding the electricity grid themselves. We must accompany our customers in this transition and help them produce their own energy.”

This support has already begun for Engie. For example, the group installed a photovoltaic plant at the Casa Voyageurs LGV station. With a power of 132KWc, this plant provides station lighting autonomy and energy savings of 18% on the energy bill.

Engie also supports Renault Tangier in its “zero CO2 emissions” strategy by ensuring the maintenance and operation of its plant facilities.

Consolidate the use of renewable and thermal energies

With its partner Nareva Holding, Engie operates the Tarfaya wind farm and two thermal power plants in Safi. Three projects that represent € 3M investment for the group.

The Tarfaya park is composed of 131 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.3MW each. Commissioned in 2015, the park represents 15% of the target set by Morocco for the development of wind energy.

As for the two thermal power stations Safi, they have a capacity of 693MW each and allow the production of electricity with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The electricity they produce is sold to ONEE through a 30-year power purchase agreement.

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