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Environment: A proposed framework law

Parliamentarians are grafted on debates around the protection of the environment. Beyond the Framework Law on the National Environmental Charter, adopted in March 2014, a proposal for a framework law on the climate will be examined today in the House of Representatives.

This text, which will be discussed in the Committee on Infrastructure, Energy and Mines, was tabled in Parliament in November 2017, in the wake of the organization of the COP in Morocco.

This proposal, elaborated by the 5 parliamentary groups of the majority, aims to introduce “an anticipatory approach in the management of the effects of climate change”. The text, composed of some thirty articles, set a series of objectives.

At the top, “the integration of the environmental dimension in the various public policies”. Chapter 3 provides for a series of commitments. The idea is to call the “administrations, local authorities, public institutions, private sector and civil society, to participate in achieving the objectives of this law,” as provided by Article 5. For example, this text advocates for “updating the national greenhouse gas emissions inventory”.

Governments are also expected to strengthen coordination with other stakeholders to develop a national program with measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions. With regard to the integration of environmental aspects into public policies, the administration is called under Article 8 of this framework law proposal to put in place a practical guide to ensure the harmonization of practices.

Environmental concerns will also have to be taken into account when setting up spatial planning documents. The focus is for strengthening the control of the energy efficiency of buildings. A document on the impacts of climate change and adaptation measures should also be added to the other texts accompanying the Finance Bill, according to Article 10.

Added to this is the need to activate the systematic use of ecological impact studies, as provided for by Law 47-09 on energy efficiency. Article 20 of the proposal also provides for the conduct of energy audits, as also provided by Law 47-09.

These measures will have to be accompanied by other awareness-raising actions, particularly among young people. It is within this framework that the call to integrate climate change concepts into school curricula, in addition to organizing popularization and awareness campaigns.

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