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EU Council approves Fisheries Agreement with Morocco

The Council of the European Union adopted the fisheries agreement with Morocco.

After its approval, by the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the European Union (COREPER), the fisheries agreement, which was inked on July 24 in Rabat, was adopted this Thursday by ministers representing all EU member states.

The agreement will be ratified by the European Commissions of the European Parliament before its final adoption in a plenary.

The agreement specifies fishing zones and access conditions for the European fleet, with an increase in the yearly money paid in return from 40 to 52.2 mln euros (+30%).

The two parties also agreed over provisions meant to optimize the deal’s positive impact on local populations in the areas concerned.

In order to preserve fisheries resources and protect the sea environment, technical requirements were laid down in the said agreement.

Several observers in Brussels deem that the agreement’s adoption by EU member states is a clear response to maneuvers and attempts seeking to disrupt the long-standing partnership with Morocco in this field. It also answers questions on the inclusion of the Moroccan Sahara in the accord, given that the fishing zone extends from parallel 35 to parallel 22, namely from Cape Spartel north of Morocco to Cape Blanc south of the Kingdom.

It also answers questions on the benefits for populations as it provides for socio-economic advantages in terms of jobs, infrastructure, basic social services, enterprise creation, vocational training and development projects.

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