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Exclusive: 12 Polisario activists flee to Morocco

This is the rout in the ranks of Polisario. After the surrender to the FAR of a rank, last week, a group of 12 separatist activists joined today the Motherland, Morocco.

From reliable sources, Daily Morocco has learned that a group of twelve Polisario activists appeared on Tuesday, March 26, at the defense wall on the side of Mahbess.

Our sources claim that the activists in question came to a FAR unit chanting cheers for King Mohammed VI.

The twelve “repentant” separatists were allowed access to the national territory and were taken into care according to the usual procedures in this type of case.

Obviously, the general situation in Algeria, with the continuous demonstrations against Bouteflika and his clan, has rubbed off on the Tindouf camps where a climate of uncertainty has now been installed.

On March 18, a young captain of the separatist front rallied Morocco on his way to a FAR unit at the defense line in the Farcia area (Oued Draa region).

The 29-year-old, who was in a colorful jeep, said there were still other repentant separatists who wanted to return home.

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