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Facebook to launch paid live streaming in Morocco

In Morocco, Facebook subscribers will soon be able to use the paid streaming service of the social network, like Internet users from Egypt and South Africa, soon added to the list of 24 countries that have been using this service since August 2020.

This service allows content creators to charge subscribers and available in few countries, will be operational in Morocco in a few days.

Facebook will not receive any revenue for the functionality of this service to monetize subscriptions. On the African continent, where podcasts and other new delivery formats are gaining momentum, the paid streaming service could be a big hit with influencers who mostly generate revenue through advertising.

According to the social network, the number of content creators earning the equivalent of $ 10,000 per month on the platform increased 88% year-on-year, while the number of those making $ 1,000 on a monthly basis climbed 94%. The service is now looking for ways to monetize its platform by introducing ads.

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