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FAO signs partnership with Morocco to strengthen traditional fishing

The FAO and the Kingdom have signed a convention on the integration of fishers in traditional ways to manage and manage fisheries and strengthen their management capacities at the national level.

The signing ceremony was held on Thursday, attended by Florence Rolle, representative of FAO in Morocco, and Zakia Driouich, secretary general of the fishing sector at the Ministry of Agriculture. The agreement also aims to provide technical assistance to fishers, an important part of FAO’s work in Morocco.

The agreement also aims at enhancing the role of traditional professional organizations, contributing to improving the technical and managerial capabilities of fishermen, and improving and training responsible fishing practices for operators in the sector, especially since the fishing sector employs more than 40,000 Moroccans and generates 2 billion dirhams annually.

“The agreement signed today extends for a whole year and aims at strengthening the fisheries sector in Morocco and supporting its technical issues,” said Florence Rolle, FAO representative in Morocco. “The organization is happy to agree and sign with Morocco, and it will work together.”

“The first recipient of the agreement is craftsmen who are traditionally engaged within the Moroccan border,” Rolle said in a statement. “Their knowledge will be enhanced at the technical, management and administrative levels as well.”

The international official wished that the signed agreement would have a positive impact on marine fishing and its various activities within the Kingdom of Morocco.

“The agreement signed today with the World Food Organization is very important and will enable the completion of the workshops to promote the traditional fisheries sector in Morocco,” said Zakia Driouich, Secretary General of the Marine Fisheries Sector at the Ministry of Agriculture.

“Traditional fishing is a vital sector that has achieved a qualitative leap in the past few years. The sailors are involved in social security and are available for insurance,” she said.

“Today’s agreement will enable fishermen to be set up to apply international standards to ensure that their products are exported abroad,” she said.

Noting that the FAO could not work in Morocco without the agreement today, stressing that “its area will include all the cities of the Kingdom of Saidia to Dakhla, and will have many positives.”

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