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FIFA threatens Raja Club

From one crisis to another. The problems of Raja do not end. Indeed, FIFA has threatened the Greens a descent in D2 of the Botola in case the club does not pay the arrears due to the Ghanaian player Yakubu Mohammed.

Raja, who had recruited the 28-year-old forward in 2015, terminated his contract in July 2016 without notice and without consent. Even worse, the Greens did not give the Ghanaian his compensation. Yakubu then lodged a complaint with FIFA.

According to a statement, the latter recently ruled on this case through its conflict commission which found that Raja is guilty and demanded the payment of arrears within no more than 17 February. Thus, the Greens will pay the player the sum of 400,000 dh. In this case, Raja would be in danger.

However, Raja’s secretary-general stressed that the Casablanca club is working hard to resolve this situation as soon as possible to avoid any sanction from FIFA.

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