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Fight against terrorism: Morocco diversifies its strategies

Morocco has developed a multifaceted anti-terrorism strategy that has been successful, says the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

“Seven years after its last major terrorist attack, Morocco’s multifaceted strategy to fight Islamist extremism seems to be paying off,” the Canberra-based public think tank says in an article dedicated to Moroccan expertise in the fight against terrorism.

Morocco, which views the fight against Islamist extremism as a war of ideas that can be won by preaching a tolerant, moderate and non-violent Islam, has developed a three-pillar anti-terrorism strategy: the strengthening of internal security, the fight against poverty and religious reforms, explains the institute whose mission is to develop ideas on Australia’s defense and its strategic options and to help inform the public about the defense and strategic policy issues.

At the level of internal security, the Ministry of the Interior launched in October 2014 the operation Hadar (vigilance), which aims to strengthen cooperation between security forces to fight against terrorism, which resulted in the effect of strengthening security at airports, railway stations and border posts, says the institute created in 2001.

At the same time, Morocco has strengthened the legal system. Thus, in 2015, the Moroccan parliament amended the country’s anti-terrorism laws in order to criminalize a whole series of activities related to terrorism, including travel to Syria, according to the think-tank.

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) has also been established as the lead agency for the fight against terrorism in Morocco, says the institute, recalling that since 2015, the BCIJ is at the origin many arrests linked to terrorism thanks to its anticipatory strategy, killing several terrorist attacks in Morocco.

According to the Australian institute, the Kingdom has also strengthened international security cooperation by taking part in several forums dedicated to the fight against terrorism.

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