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Finally Morocco allows Algerian supporters plane to enter

Morocco granted a license to a plane carrying the Algerian public to enter its territory after studying the request submitted by the Algerian authorities to follow up on the football game which the youth team of Saoura will play on Sunday in the second round of the African Champions League.

The Moroccan authorities have allowed the Algerian plane, which will reduce the supporters of the youth of the Saoura, to land at Mohamed V airport in Casablanca, and then to the city of Tangier to support its team in front of Tanger’s team.

The Algerian authorities refused to grant permission for an Air Arabia plane to land at the airport of Bechar, where it was expected that 171 pilgrims to support the team last week during the meeting, which knew the defeat of Ettihad of Tanger two goals without a response.

The Algerian team officials have stated, through an official statement, that the Moroccan Foreign Ministry refused to allow entry to the plane, which would reduce the fans of the club, who wants to support the team against the rival, and explained that “despite the Air Algerie all legal procedures and obtaining permission from The Moroccan Ministry of Transport, and all things were very good until Saturday, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry intervenes and refuses to enter the plane Moroccan airspace.”

“The Moroccan authorities welcome the Algerian brothers and open the doors of their second country,” he said. He stressed that the Moroccan authorities did not mind entering the Algerian people to support their team, contrary to the decision taken by the Algerian authorities.

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