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Fire of Notre-Dame: The investigation continues

A month that Notre Dame de Paris caught fire in front of the eyes of the world and the investigation continues.
The investigators compare the charred areas, target the most affected to recreate the chronology of the facts. For the time being, they have no visibility on the timing of the survey.

“I see them taking the stones one by one with a robot (..), but I do not see how they can find out who is responsible if, eventually, there is a manager,” announces Patrick Chauvet, rector-archpriest of Notre Dame de Paris.

A tent has been set up around the Cathedral to collect all the stones that have been minutely removed and numbered to assist in the reconstruction. Experts take turns on the spot to determine the causes of the fire. “If we have really singular points we can speed up the procedures whereas if we are in a process of research step by step, it will necessarily be longer,” says Julien Drapemont, expert fire specialist.

The uncertain judicial calendar competes with the reconstruction plan while the bill on this topic is debated today in the assembly.

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