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Fitur 2019: Distinguished participation of Morocco

Morocco is participating in the 39th International Tourism Fair (Fitur 2019), which opened on Wednesday (January 23rd) at the exhibition center in Madrid with a large delegation of 150 Moroccan professionals, operators and investors in the sector representing the regional centers of tourism, hotel chains and travel agencies.

It also includes the Moroccan delegation, which is participating in this international event, which has been and continues to be a global platform for tourism promotion and to provide the latest developments and mechanisms adopted in the development of the sector by about 30 exhibiting companies distributed between the air and maritime companies and traditional industry groups, which will highlight the various qualifications and tourism potential which are available to the Kingdom and introduce them and the value of the national tourism product.

The 312-meter-long Moroccan gallery, designed by the Moroccan National Tourist Office, has been designed to highlight the richness and diversity of Morocco’s tourism offerings, attract international actors and explore new avenues for partnerships in the field, that characterizes the Kingdom as a tourist destination in the world.

Moroccan Ambassador Mrs. Karima Benayesh and Director General of the Moroccan National Bureau of Tourism Mr. Adel Al-Fakir highlighted the national tourism qualifications, the diversity and richness of the product and the search for new horizons for the development of partnerships and thus contribute to the establishment of Morocco as a tourist destination known in the world.

“The 39th International Tourism Fair (Fitur 2019) is an opportunity to see the diversity and competitiveness of tourism in Morocco through the various pillars of the sector, starting from cultural tourism to business tourism and conferences, through tourism, beach, sports, adventure tourism, and others” said Mohamed Sofi, delegate of the Moroccan National Tourist Office in Madrid.

Sofi said that Morocco’s participation in this international event aims mainly at highlighting the diversity and wide range offered by Morocco with its various capabilities and qualifications, especially proximity and security.

He stressed that Morocco is one of the favorite tourist destinations for the Spanish outside the European continent, noting that about 2.5 million Spanish tourists visited the Kingdom in 2018, an increase of 6% compared to 2017. He pointed out that Spanish tourists accounted for 20 per cent of the total tourism flows recorded by Morocco during the same period (2018) adding that the cities of Tangier, Marrakesh and Ouarzazate were their favorite destinations.

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