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France calls on Morocco to provide protective masks

As deconfinement begins on May 11 in France, a note from the Ministry of the Economy and Finance warns of the inability to meet the need for cloth masks dedicated to the population.

“The weekly national production and the imports are still insufficient at this stage to cover the totality of the need” on the date of the deconfinement, May 11, indicates this note emanating from the services of the secretary of State to the Minister for the Economy, Agnès Pannier-Runacher. Noting that 376 million weekly uses of these masks are planned for the “sectors to be deconfined in priority”, and 600 million for a more global use of the rest of the population.

Bercy’s note speaks of “minimal equipment” for the population, that is, “two to six masks” for each citizen. Except that the state will not be able to provide “more than one or two masks to each person” at the start of the deconfinement, underline the teams of Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

However, this “shortage” will be short lived. Especially since “production and imports will continue to increase after May 11 and will exceed this target from May 18 if forecasts are met,” the note said. In addition to this solution, the Ministry of Economy advocates increasing the production of these masks and looking for “new foreign producers”.

This Monday, April 27, Agnès Pannier-Runacher will provide details on the production circuit for these filter masks, which can be used twenty times. In all, 242 French companies, as well as companies based in Morocco and Tunisia, are currently producing around 390 models. Bercy’s note also calls for the establishment of a “long-term strategy for securing France in terms of protective masks” and for a massive bailout of “state stocks”, in order to offset a possible shortage.

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