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France facing the mobilizations of the “yellow vests”

Prohibition of demonstrations in some emblematic places in Paris but also in other cities of France, deployment of an important security device with the military reinforcement, the French government adopts the firmness in its management of the demonstrations of the “yellow vests”, this unprecedented social protest movement in France.

In Paris, considered as the epicenter of the mobilization and where the “yellow vests” converge from all the regions of the country, a strong device of 6000 members of the police forces was deployed, according to the prefecture of police. Two drones will also have to fly over the capital to more effectively direct the police and gendarmes on risk areas and key products will be used to help identify the “rioters”. The important security system set up for the occasion underlines the government’s determination to avoid the scenes of looting and ransacking that marked Saturday’s protests.

About fifteen cities such as Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Dijon and Rennes have banned demonstrations in some emblematic places, a new strategy of the executive who wants to regain control “in a firm way”, in the management of this crisis.

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