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France rejects Trump’s interference in its internal affairs

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called on US President Donald Trump not to intervene in the “yellow jackets” crisis as an internal affair in the same way that France does not interfere in US domestic politics.

“We do not interfere in US domestic politics and we want it to be reciprocal”, said Le Drian.

The French foreign minister said, that he did not believe that when Trump said the demonstrators in France shouted at him, referring to the organized rallies that took place this weekend to demand action in the face of climate change.

“We have to be careful with the statements, because the pictures that were seen in the United States and shouted at Trump a few months ago were taken in London”, the official said.

The French minister reiterated: “We are not part of the American debates, let us live the life of our nation”.

Trump insisted yesterday that the cause of the “yellow jackets” protests was the unpopularity of the Paris Convention on Climate Change, which he decided to withdraw from within a few months of his coming to power.

“The Paris climate agreement does not work very well for Paris, as evidenced by the protests and riots across France”, Trump said. “People do not want to pay large amounts of money, especially to third world countries that are run in a suspicious manner under the pretext of protecting the environment”. The American President added: You must say: We want Trump!…I love France”.

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