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French Montana attracts American wrath

American singer and producer R. Kelly is accused in a documentary of having sex with several girls under the age of 16.

The six-hour documentary, broadcast by a six-part American channel, sheds new light on the accusations that Robert Sylvester Kelly, of his real name, has been making for several years.

In the United States, many celebrities have spoken on this sexual scandal at the heart of which is the singer. While some express loudly their support for alleged victims, others preferred to be on the side of the interpreter Thoia Thoing, like the Moroccan rapper French Montana.

The Casablanca native draws a parallel between Michael Jackson and R. Kelly: “All the big ones fall in this way. Finally let someone enjoy his legacy. What happened is a thing of the past. […] People do not let anyone take advantage of his heritage,” he said, before quoting the words of an old tube by R. Kelly, “Bump n’Grind “. “He (R. Kelly) already told you:” My mind was saying no, and my body was saying yes,” he said, before concluding,” He warned us.”

The outrage of Internet users was not long in coming and French Montana finally apologized. “My heart is with the victims,” ​​he wrote on his Twitter account. “I never thought that the people I admired as a child, who sang and danced and who gave me the hope of becoming a superstar, would become drug addicts, child molesters and rapists. I hope our culture will create better leaders. We need them,” he said.

For those who do not know him, French Montana lived in Casablanca until the age of 13, before emigrating to New York, in the Bronx, with his parents and his brothers. As a boy, he quickly became acclimatized to the Bronx culture, thanks in part to his passion for hip-hop. An obsession that will later become his profession. French Montana is today one of the best American rappers of his generation. He is also the founder of the Cocaine City Records label. After about twenty mixtapes, he released his first album “Excuse my french”, in May 2014. The following came out last July. Entitled “Jungle Rules”, this second studio album by former Khloé Kardashian brings together big names from the current hip-hop scene including The Weekend, Max B, Future, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Pharrell Williams.

The United States was a land of opportunity for French Montana, but life was not always rosy for the rapper. In 2003, while leaving a recording studio, he was shot in the head. His career could have ended there at the same time as his life, but French Montana clings, and after weeks of care, he comes out victorious in his battle against death. Since then, his determination has never failed, and he proves that by giving himself the means to do things, we get there!

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