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French woman accuses Manal Benchlikha of plagiarism

Manal Benchlikha is under fire. A few months after the release of her video “Slay”, which currently culminates more than 22 million views on YouTube, the young Moroccan rapper is accused of plagiarism.

Indeed, a French rapper nicknamed Rocka French RapQueen, having recently signed with Booba, accuses the Moroccan singer of being (very) strongly inspired by one of his hits. In an Instagram publication, she reveals that Manal “took” one of his freestyles aired last September. “Slay” was released in November 2018.

“Repost of the Reissue of one of my first freestyle releases in September! Surprised to see that a Moroccan singer named MANAL released on November 28 a sound whose beginning is all my text. After my signature in Label I intend to tackle this problem,” wrote the young French rapper, accompanying the text of a video to prove his allegations.

For his part, El Grande Toto, with whom Manal collaborated on this title, shared photos and videos to refute accusations of plagiarism.

The main interested, who had made an explosive comeback in raping last February, has still not reacted to this controversy, which ignites social networks for a few hours.

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