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Fuel prices at petrol stations rise in Morocco

Fuel prices have risen since the end of containment, from 25 to 35 cents per liter, according to the distribution network.

The deconfinement gave way to the rise in fuel prices at service stations. Thus the Diesel shows a price of 8.25 dirhams/liter while gasoline is at 9.24 dirhams.

The fuel prices change every month from the 1st to the 15th, and from the 16th to the 30/31. This variation should logically tilt between upward and downward, except that the trend has been tilting more towards the rises in recent times.

This increase seems to be set to continue given several factors, in particular, the crisis due to the spread of the coronavirus or the limitation of production in 2020 signed between the main oil producing countries.

The prices of fuels sold at service stations should register more on their upward trend since prices are rising slowly, but surely on the international markets.

Prices of fuel at the pump vary according to several parameters such as the price of a barrel of oil, the euro-dollar exchange rate, the level of stocks of petroleum products and demand, as well as taxes.

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