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Fuel prices rise after Guerraoui’s statements

The statements of Driss Guerraoui, President of the Competition Council, have apparently had the effect of blazing fuel prices at service stations.

The increases were between 70 cents and more than one dirham per liter and more specific for diesel that did not exceed 9 dirhams last week. At low prices, diesel reached last weekend, the minimum threshold of 9.14 dirhams per liter, while gasoline has exceeded the bar of ten dirhams per liter.

These increases occur after more than two months of decline. They are associated with the latest releases of the Competition Council on the cap on fuel prices. Indeed, the institution headed by Driss Guerraoui had estimated that the decision not to cover margins was economically unviable. The effect of this decision was immediate. The players in the oil tanker sector, if not cut off, saw then, a favor granted to the detriment of the government and foremost, the right pass to juggle freely with fuel prices.

For Driss Guerraoui, the market suffers from several dysfunctions of a structural nature to which short-term responses can only have limited effects. He stressed that this finding is based on an analysis of the conditions for the implementation of the full liberalization of fuel prices, which came into force in December 2015.

This opinion did not at all convince Lahcen Daoudi fervent defender of the cap on fuel prices. He called this exit “unacceptable”.

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