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Fuels: Changes from Friday

The Competition Council will hold, on Thursday, the first ordinary session of its plenary session, which will be devoted in particular to the examination of the Government’s request for an opinion on the proposed cap on liquid fuel profit margins.

This session will also see the presentation and adoption of the draft rules of procedure, Charter of ethics and budget of the Council for the year 2019, said Monday, the Competition Council in a statement.

Hydrocarbon prices were a hot issue in 2018, in the wake of the presentation of the report by the parliamentary information mission on fuel prices and conditions of competition following the decision on price liberalization.

The majority and opposition parties insisted on the need to move towards cap on hydrocarbon prices, while assessing the sector’s liberalization policy two years after its launch.

The Competition Council, an institution with legal personality and financial autonomy, is called, by virtue of Article 2 of Law No. 20-13 (on the Council), to give its opinion on the requests for consultation, as provided for by the said law and the law on freedom of prices and competition, and to publish studies on the general climate of competition at the sectoral and national levels.

In addition, it has decision-making powers in the fight against anti-competitive practices and the control of economic concentration operations, as defined in the law on freedom of prices and competition.

The Competition Council is organizing a press conference next Friday to present the decisions adopted by its members during this session.

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