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Fund For Peace: Social peace in Morocco is fragile

The Fund For Peace (FFP) has just published its report in which it speaks of a fragility of the Maghreb countries, particularly concerning the social situation in Morocco.

The kingdom is ranked 78th, ahead of Algeria 72nd, while Tunisia takes 95th place, the best place in the Maghreb (1 being the most fragile country). For the FFP, “the countries of North Africa, namely Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, seem to have blocked in their revolutionary zeal.”

The FFP is worried about the future of these countries because the conditions that triggered the mass popular uprisings still exist. “Many economic, social and political indicators continue to worsen. The rumblings of the revolution are echoing again, less motivated by ideals this time around, but rather by the harsh reality, and by the fact that these ideals have not resulted in improving the lives of many citizens,” writes the FFP.

Among the fears of the authors of the report, the problem of migration of young people to European countries. “This brain drain is also reflected in one of the indicators of the report, can be slow to change, and its effects can be devastating,” reads again.

To publish his report, the FFD aggregates many data including: the splitting of elites, the legitimacy of the state, unequal development, the state of public services, the situation of human rights and the state of law, demographic pressures and influxes of registered refugees and brain drain.

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