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Further increase in the price of diesel

The price of diesel will rise again in early March. In this regard, the President of the National Federation of Managers and Owners of Gas Stations (FNGPS), Jamal Zrikom, assured that this increase should reach 35 cents.

According to the same source, this rise is due to the price change in world oil prices.

In addition, Jamal Zrikom reported on the meeting last week between a delegation of FNGPS and the Minister Delegate for General Affairs and Governance, Lahcen Daoudi. And to clarify that the agenda of the meeting was on the cap on fuel prices, which has sparked debate in recent days in Morocco.

In this regard, the president of the FNGPS did not mince words. “Our position on this is clear. We are for capping, provided it is fair to all,” he said.

Recall that Lahcen Daoudi had heavily criticized the “political exit” of the Competition Council. The latter having disapproved on Friday, February 15, the government’s request for the project to cap the profit margins of liquid fuels.

Fuel cap is not a wise choice from an economic, competitive and social justice point of view. This was announced by the President of the Competition Council Driss Guerraoui at a press conference.

He had specified that the cap is first a cyclical measure limited in time since the provisions of Article 4 of Law 104-12 sets the duration of application to six months, extendable once. He added that capping is a discriminatory measure that applies to all operators, regardless of their size and the structure of their costs. This may, according to the president, penalize operators of small and medium size who will be more vulnerable.

For Driss Guerraoui, the market suffers from several structural dysfunctions to which short-term responses can only have limited effects, underlining that this finding is based on an analysis of the conditions for the implementation of the total liberalization of fuel prices entered into force December 2015.

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