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Gad El Maleh: “It’s thanks to Morocco that I had this career”

Moroccan and from Casablanca until the marrow, the humorist Gad Elmaleh misses no opportunity to shed light on its origins and culture.

The artist, a fan of challenges, recently began his world tour called “Dream Tour” and has performed in more than 15 countries including the United States, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, China and the United States, England and the United Arab Emirates. And it is in Dubai that the Franco-Canadian-Moroccan humorist has given himself to express his love for Morocco and to assure that it is thanks to his origins that he knew this success.

“I am grateful to my Judeo-Moroccan identity, my Moroccan identity, my family, my grandmother, the people who encouraged me in my early days. I can say it today, if I was not born in Casa, if I did not have the family that I had, if I had not made these trips, if I had changed my name as I had thought to do, I would not have had this career,” he said.

El Maleh is also back on his childhood in Casablanca. He said it was also thanks to his grandmother, who lived in a building in the city center and where 14 other women also lived, that he forged his sense of humor and his own vision of things. He also did not fail to evoke the support that the Moroccans of the world display every time he is performing.

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