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Gad ElMaleh returns on plagiarism charges

Gad ElMaleh spoke, in an interview on Tuesday, April 9 to Nikos Aliagas on Europe 1, accusations of plagiarism which he was subject last February. According to the comedian, people do not make the difference between inspiration and plagiarism. “Getting inspired by someone is much deeper than that. My job as a comedian is not just a list of jokes. I propose a look, a vision of the world, “said the Franco-Moroccan artist.

To defend himself, Gad ElMaleh recalled his skit “The goat of Monsieur Seguin”, the first skit that made his audience laugh. “I do not know who wrote it anymore. But that’s my look. I propose a universe,” he explained.

When Nikos Aliagas asked Gad if accusing him of plagiarism was unfair after so many years of work, he gave him a “it’s perfectly normal”, much to the animator’s surprise. “You want to fly high, far, fast … that’s normal. My mother always tells me you want to go around the world, you want to play in France, you want to go back to Morocco and you want to be told bravo and leave you alone?”, he said.

Recall that the Youtube channel CopyComic, which lists cases of plagiarism among French humorists, had broadcast a video “against” against Gad ElMaleh. The channel compares, extracts with support, passages of the comedian borrowed from American, Quebec and French artists, such as George Carlin, Steven Wright, Dana Carvey, Patrick Huard, Martin Matte, Donal Jack’sman or Titoff.

In a video broadcast on his Twitter account, the Franco-Moroccan humorist ironically responded to the accusations of “CopyComic” in the shoes of his famous character Chouchou.

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