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GAFA: Morocco wants to tax the giants of the web

The Moroccan government has finally decided to respond favorably to the demands of Moroccan digital publishers. Suffering from the unfair competition of GAFA: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, Moroccan digital actors have repeatedly pointed to the “untenable” situation they were living.

In a column titled “When the master of the zero dominates the digital market”, we highlighted the suffering endured by the digital media. Indeed, escaping any tax and tax, the multinationals of the web are far more competitive than the Moroccan publishers. The result is that more than 80% of advertising investments in the Moroccan digital market go abroad, since they are invested in the giants of the web.

The crumbs remain for the Moroccan actors of the digital. But this situation could change very soon because like France, Morocco intends to apply a tax on GAFA profits, allowing it to recover 400 billion centimes of taxes.

“The digital giants are taking great advantage of the Moroccan market through advertisements, but without paying taxes, which undermines fair competition between national companies and GAFA. Like international trade, the government is working to put in place a digital regulatory framework capable of applying a tax system to the platforms of Google and Facebook,” El Khalfi said during a press briefing. In this sense, Morocco wants to be inspired by France which intends to impose a tax to GAFA at 3% of their turnover achieved in the country.

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