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Ghosn accepts “any conditions” to leave prison on bail

Former Nissan Motors Co. president Carlos Ghosn said he would accept any condition imposed by the Japanese judiciary on bail after he was detained for more than two months.

Ghosn, in a statement carried by Japanese newspapers, vowed to stay in the country and provide assurances that he would cooperate with the authorities to persuade the court to release him on bail after his request for release was denied due to his escape and the destruction of evidence.

“I am still locked up in a detention center, 64 days after my arrest, without a date on the horizon for my release,” Ghosn said in a statement distributed by his spokesman.

Prosecutors in the capital Tokyo have accused Ghosn of “withholding millions of Nissan bonuses from authorities” and “violating the company’s trust in using its funds to cover personal losses in the financial and business markets.”

Among the conditions that Ghosn announced was his acceptance of “handing over the passport to the Japanese authorities, failure to communicate with potential prosecution witnesses in the case, and daily attendance at the prosecutor’s office.”

Carlos Ghosn’s lawyers believe it is likely that their client will continue to be detained for another six months, until the trial begins.

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