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Ghosn, victim of “failures” in the Japanese judicial system

The Ghosn case reveals “failures” in the Japanese judicial system!

The International Federation for Human Rights and the Center for the Rights of Prisoners have not hesitated to call the Japanese government recently for a revision of its judicial system.

Maiko Tagusari, Secretary-General of Japan’s Prisoners’ Rights Center, said that “denial of the right to counsel during interrogations, prolonged detention pending trial and conditions of imprisonment expose some serious failures that have characterized the Japanese justice system for too long.”

NGOs, who argue for “a system of compliance with international human rights standards,” said the authorities are called to “take concrete action urgently.” “A first step should be the establishment of a sincere and constructive dialogue with the UN agencies,” say the NGOs, adding that the Japanese government “did not duly submit” reports that it is supposed present regularly.

It must be emphasized that the highest paid boss of the CAC40 had initially chosen to defend a former prosecutor, Motonari Otsuru, but faced with his attitude deemed passive and the rejections of his requests for release, he decided last week to strengthen his defense by calling on veterans of the bar.

The prolonged detention of Carlos Ghosn in Japan, which has been criticized, should be an opportunity to review the Japanese judicial system, said his new lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka. According to him, “the prosecutors keep him in detention because he does not confess. I would like people to wonder if this is appropriate from the point of view of international standards.”

Carlos Ghosn, whose arrest on November 19 in Tokyo shook the world of business, was charged with downplaying, in Nissan reports to the stock market authorities, part of his income: 9.23 billion yen (74 million euros) from 2010 to 2018. He has also been indicted for breach of trust. “The procedures for preparing the trial will begin. It should be held sometime after summer or fall,” said Hironaka.

The lawyer resumed the thesis of a “strategy” of Nissan, which has already advanced Carlos Ghosn to explain its downfall. “I feel like it’s an internal Nissan problem,” he said. According to the captain of industry, we wanted to eliminate him from the game to counter his plans to integrate the three companies of the alliance: Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors.

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