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Global Cybersecurity Index: Morocco 50th in the world

The fourth edition of the Global Cybersecurity Index ranked Morocco 50th worldwide out of 194 countries. Established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the report suggests that the Kingdom notably improve its governance and coordination mechanisms.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) this week released the fourth edition of the Global Cybersecurity Index, which measures the cybersecurity commitments of 193 ITU member states in addition to Palestine. The index aims to identify gaps, serve as a roadmap to guide national strategies, inform legal frameworks, build capacity, highlight good practices, strengthen international standards and foster a culture of cybersecurity. Morocco is ranked 50th, ahead of Kenya and behind Malta, with a score of 83.65 out of 100 points.

According to the ITU report, the Kingdom thus obtains a score of 18.40 for legal measures, 17.94 for technical measures, 12.37 for organizational measures, 15.24 for capacity development and 18.46 for cooperative measures.

Morocco 8th in the MENA region and 5th in Africa

Classified as a “developing country,” the report suggests that Morocco should make efforts in relation to organizational measures, which examine governance and coordination mechanisms within countries that deal with cybersecurity. They “include ensuring that cybersecurity is maintained at the highest level of the executive and assigning relevant roles and responsibilities to various national entities, and making them accountable for the national cybersecurity posture.”

The Kingdom is ranked 8th in the Middle East and North Africa region, behind Saudi Arabia (2nd worldwide), the United Arab Emirates (5th), the Sultanate of Oman (21st), Egypt (23rd), Qatar (27th), Israel (36th) and Tunisia (45th). It is also second in the Maghreb ahead of Algeria (104th), Libya (113th) and Mauritania (133rd). In Africa, Morocco is in the TOP 5, behind Mauritius (17th), Tanzania (37th), Ghana (43rd) and Tunisia (45th).

The latest index points to a “growing commitment around the world to combat and reduce cybersecurity threats,” and confirms that “countries are striving to improve their cybersecurity despite the challenges of Covid-19 and the rapid transition of daily activities and socio-economic services to the digital sphere”.

Thus, about half of the countries in the world report having formed a national computer incident response team, with an increase of 11% since 2018. In addition, 64% of countries have adopted a national cybersecurity strategy until at the end of the year, while over 70% conducted cybersecurity awareness campaigns in 2020, up from 58% and 66% in 2018. However, despite notable improvements, cyber capacity gaps persist.

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