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Global Firepower Index: Morocco 61st in the 2023 ranking

The American center Global Firepower published, a few days ago, its 2023 ranking of the armies of the world, based on fifty sub-indexes, in which Morocco is ranked 61st out of 145 countries. Although it fell 6 ranks, the Moroccan army remains ranked 7th in Africa and the MENA region.

The American center Global Firepower on the armies updated, a few days ago, its world ranking, relating to the world’s military powers. Thus, for the year 2023, the Moroccan army is in 61st place in the world, and thus falls 6 ranks compared to last year’s ranking. The latter now concerns 145 countries against 140 for previous editions.

Morocco obtained 1.0524 points, knowing that the closer this score is to zero, the stronger the country’s army is considered to be. The report indicates that the Kingdom has 17,634,000 people ready for military service, while the number of Moroccan soldiers has reached 375,000 against 150,000 reservists.

The report added that the total number of military aircraft Morocco would have would be 250, including 46 combat aircraft and 64 helicopters. In addition, the Moroccan army would have 1,761 combat tanks, 31,972 military vehicles, 453 self-propelled artillery pieces, 121 warships and five large ports specialized in military affairs.

The report said the Kingdom allocates about $10 billion to the military budget, indicating that the Kingdom’s external debt has reached over $55 billion, while foreign exchange reserves exceed $26 billion.

Morocco 7th in Africa and in the MENA region

In the MENA region, Morocco is this year in 7th place, behind Egypt, first in the region and 14th worldwide, Israel (18th), Saudi Arabia (22nd), Algeria (26th), Iraq (45th) and the United Arab Emirates (56th).

In the Maghreb, Algeria thus maintains its leader, gaining a place compared to the 2022 ranking. Tunisia, third in the Maghreb, is ranked 73rd in the world, ahead of Libya (80th) and Mauritania (132nd).

At the African level, the Moroccan army ranked 7th, behind those of Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Angola.

Overall, the American army remains in first place, followed by the Russian army, then the Chinese, Indian and British armies, while the South Korean army occupies sixth place, ahead of that of Pakistan, France and from Italy.

Remember that the index published by Global Firepower does not depend on the total number of weapons in the country, but rather on their diversity. Logistical flexibility, natural resources and local industry, mission success, strength and efficiency, military strength, manufacturing techniques for combat aircraft, tanks, naval parts and other equipment, as well as financial and human resources are all sub-indices used to classify the 145 countries of the world.

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