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Global Influencers Summit 2019 to stage 3-Day event in Essaouira

Essaouira will host a momentous 3-day event for the 3rd edition of the “Global Influencers Summit 2019” under the theme: “Influencers: Who Are They?”

Under the sponsorship of André Azoulay, chief adviser to King Mohammed VI and founder-president of Essaouira-Mogador, the innovative summit will take place in the ancient coastal city of Essaouira in the following month, April 4-7.

It will bring together a large community of one of the important influencers of both genders across a broad spectrum, from bloggers, YouTubers, digital experts, media, business companies, and institutions.

The event is organized by Brand Factory, founded and headed by Nawal Houti. It is an agency based in Casablanca specializing in media public relations and digital communication.

The summit’s main objective is to unravel and rethink the skills and power of influential communication, organizers noted in a press release.

“It’s these new leaders who foster a paradigm shift of digital influence,” added the agency.

Global Influencers Summit, previously known as “Fashion Blogging Summit” now looks forward to widening its scope to include a vast array of guests and has therefore chosen Essaouira as its host city after having held its previous releases in Marrakesh.

Through workshops, masterclasses, and conferences, participants and guest speakers will discuss the most up-to-date advances in the digital domain.

The event will also hold debates on matters like “New Paradigms of Influence Leadership”, “Influence: between E-reputation and Notoriety Management”, and “Influence Marketing in Morocco.”

According to the event organizers, the summit will also welcome a host of Moroccan influencers of wide public renown in areas varying from economics, sports, culture, art, the beauty industry, and fashion.

Organizers noted that, with professionals attending from all around the globe, this eventful gathering will affect more than 20 million followers.

“It will also pay tribute to important figures, and set up a Pop-up souk showroom by the seaside of Essaouira’s sublime beach to give the opportunity for Moroccan creative brands to display and promote local products to visitors.”

To create a convivial and festive atmosphere, the closing ceremony will be marked by a sumptuous evening Gala along with popular artists during which a “GIS 2019 Awards” will be granted.

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