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Global Innovation Index 2021: Morocco ranks 77th in the world

The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has just published its 14th Global Innovation Index which offers a ranking of 132 countries in terms of innovation taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the ecosystem of innovation. For the 2021 edition, Morocco is showing performance” above the expected level, given the level of development”, say the report’s editors.

The Kingdom, however, loses two places compared to the last report, and ranks 77th out of 132. It is 12th in the North Africa and West Asia region out of 19, behind Oman. Out of the 32 countries with “lower middle income economies”, Morocco comes in 8th place, behind Tunisia and ahead of Kenya, in terms of innovation.

The ranking offers 7 pillars, all divided into different sections. It is on behalf of the pillar “Knowledge and technological production” that Morocco ranks best, arriving at the 67th place in the world. However, it is 105th for the “Business Complexity” pillar, ie its worst ranking for the 7 categories.

Looking at the details of these pillars, we can see that Morocco’s main strength remains the public financing of secondary education (4th in the world). Morocco also excels in terms of “industrial designs by origin/billion of GDP in PPP” by reaching the 10th place in the world. Morocco is also in the top 50 in other areas such as market capitalization or ease of starting a business.

On the other hand, Morocco has many weaknesses, particularly in the ease of obtaining credit, logistics performance, knowledge-intensive employment or university-industry collaboration in R&D. In these last two criteria, Morocco scores badly, ranking respectively 115th and 114th.

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