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Good prospects for economic relations between Morocco and Israel

Economic relations between Morocco and Israel should experience a strong boost in the years to come, given the potentialities of the two countries and the common desire to boost trade. Economic operators from both countries confirm this.

“Considering our fraternal relations, our cultural proximity, the complementarities and the similarities between our two economies, as well as the transformation which they have known during these last years, there are many opportunities to be seized”, underlined the president of the Council from Morocco-Israel Affairs, Steve O’Hana during a webinar dedicated to the presentation of commercial and investment opportunities available to Moroccan companies in Israel and organized by CGEM, in partnership with the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI), the Federation of the Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC) and The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute. The same professional believes that “all the conditions are met to raise the economic and trade relations between Morocco and Israel to the rank of a solid, lasting partnership and carrier of shared growth”. He also adds that “thanks to the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco now has a business climate and assets whose attractiveness is recognized worldwide”.

Opportunities to seize

Moroccan-Israeli economic cooperation can be strengthened and be part of a multilateral approach. For Steve O’Hana, the objective is to enter together new markets where each country is present and competitive. He also specifies that this collaboration can be extended to several sectors of common interest identified such as agriculture, renewable energies, water, industry, tourism, education, new technologies, innovation and cybersecurity.

A strategic partnership agreement was signed last March between the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and the Israeli Employers Business Organization (IEBO) leading to the creation of the Morocco-Israel Business Council.

The president of the Morocco-Israel business council notes at the same time that on the trade side, the business council works, assiduously, with the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC), for the connection exporters and importers from both countries, according to their joint interests announcing the launch before the end of the year, of an electronic tool, which will further facilitate access to information and promote exchange between the two business communities.

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