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Government: Benabdallah denounces “unhealthy climate”

Invited to the opening of the citizen university, held Saturday at the HEM Fez campus, Nabil Benabdallah denounced an “unhealthy climate” that reigns in the current majority.

“We are supposed to work in an alliance that should not be undermined … this, to give confidence to citizens, young people, political parties, unions and NGOs,” he says. The SG of the PPS and former Minister of Housing, who spoke on the theme “city and citizenship” noted that “Moroccans must take their destiny in hand, feel responsible, be at the heart of the action … not under guardianship or facing dictated or imposed parties”. “Because, the denigration of the national parties discredits the political action … and the role of the intermediary institutions crumbles,” he adds.

Benabdallah also called for the establishment of the principles of participatory democracy: “we must apply the 2011 Constitution and not stay in the theory”. “Giving ballast to local decision-makers and decentralizing decisions to develop inclusive cities are priorities”.

For the leader, “it is necessary that all sites start at the same time if we want to avoid the deficiencies and threats facing our cities (21 million Moroccans), especially as social and spatial disparities become more and more worrying”. As such, “it is abnormal that Fez does not enjoy the resources of the state in the same way as Tangier (9 billion DH),” said the boss of the PPS.

And to conclude: “our party, created in 1943, has principles and a vision and will present its model of economic development inclusive and sustainable incessantly”.

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