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Government confirms death of two women with the virus “swine flu”

After conflicting reports of swine flu (H1N1) infections, the government has already identified two deaths from the virus.

According to official data, the pregnant woman died in Casablanca and another 68-year-old woman died of swine flu and complications from chronic diseases.

“After analyzing the health data of 541 samples in the reference national laboratory, it was found that the epidemiological situation is similar to what is registered at the international level,” said Mustapha El Khalfi, the minister in charge of relations with parliament and civil society, the government spokesman.

He added, according to a statement presented by the Minister of Health Council of the government, that the peak of the incidence of influenza in Morocco recorded between 07 and 13 January 2019.

The government official said that there is a monitoring of the epidemic of “swine flu through an integrated system has been established since 2004, consisting mainly of a network of 375 public health centers distributed to all provinces and workers of the Kingdom.”

“The Ministry of Health is working to monitor the viral epidemic in the sample of people infected with the flu or severe acute respiratory infection. The samples are taken and sent to the National Laboratory from eight public centers and eight national hospitals and also from a network of private medical clinics.”

It is noteworthy that a woman who died in the hospital, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan as a result of what has been infected with the virus, “swine flu”.

The husband of the victim, in a statement to the media immediately after the burial, that the negligence was a direct cause of her death, pointing out that she did not receive medicine for the virus identified by the doctor, because it was not provided by the ministry.

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