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Government to consolidate active cases to accelerate deconfinement

In a joint statement from the Ministries of the Interior and of Health, it is announced that the active cases of Covid-19 as well as future positive cases will be hospitalized in 2 dedicated hospital structures to accelerate deconfinement from June 20.

The press release explains that the evolution of the epidemic is under control and that almost all of the nearly 700 active Covid-19 cases counted on a national scale are in a reassuring and stable state of health.

“Instead of keeping these Covid positive cases spread across hospitals in the Kingdom, which must be released to treat other types of illness, and given the imperative to protect them as well as their family and professional environment, while providing them necessary care, it was decided to regroup them, as well as the future positive cases detected, within two specialized health structures, located respectively in Benslimane and in Benguerir”, announce the two ministries. In Benslimane, it is probably the field hospital. For Benguerir, no indication was given as to the identity of the dedicated care center.

These structures will be jointly managed by civilian and military doctors.

“This grouping will be accompanied by the continuation of massive screening measures for all contact persons, as well as at the level of businesses and professional spaces throughout the national territory,” it said.

The objective of this measure is to accelerate, from June 20, the process of gradual lifting of containment “and this, while taking into account the evolution of the epidemiological situation of the Kingdom”, concludes the press release.

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