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GPI: The safest country in North Africa is Morocco

Morocco is considered the safest country in North Africa. Several criteria prevailed in this choice made by the Global peace index (GPI).

The 14th edition of the Global Peace Index classifies 163 independent states and territories according to their level of peace. This ranking presents the most comprehensive analysis of data to date on trends in peace, its economic value and how to develop peaceful societies.

If Morocco is classified 83rd in 2020 against 90th in 2019, as the safest country in the world, it has therefore progressed by 7 ranks and therefore becomes the first country in North Africa ahead of Tunisia 92nd, Algeria 117th , Egypt 130th and Libya 157th.

This progression of Morocco is justified by its level of security and safety, the degree of pacifism and the implication or not in the local and international conflicts, and other indicators such as the rather low crime rate, the terrorism or violent demonstrations inside the country.

With regard to the field of militarization, the GPI took into account seven criteria, namely military expenditure as a percentage of GDP, the number of members of the armed forces per 100,000 inhabitants, the volume of conventional weapons imported and exported per 100 000 inhabitants, financial contribution to UN peacekeeping missions, heavy and nuclear weapons capacities, ease of access to small arms and light weapons. In addition, the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on international relations were taken into account this year in the criteria that prevailed in the choice of these countries.

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